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1. Use of the Website

The User is authorized to use this Website in accordance with the Terms of Use and in good faith. The User agrees not to use use the Website in a negligently or any unlawful manner nor for fraudulent purposes. Likewise, the User agrees not to participate in any act or action that could damage the image, interests or rights of Geekalicious.pt or third parties, particularly the owners or Advertisement content.

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By using our Website, Geekalicious.pt can publish Advertisement either related or not to the content that is being searched or displayed, which is expressly accepted by the User.


2. Content

The Website displays information about Web programming and related services, information about cooking, restaurants and food related subjects. Occasionally we will publish opinion articles or articles on general subjects.


2.1. Third party services and Advertisement Content

Geekalicious.pt is not responsible for third party services or Advertisement content and does not present itself as author of these contents. Furthermore, displaying third party content does not imply any relationship between these contents and Geekalicious.pt.

Geekalicios.pt does not select, examine, controls, sponsor or identify itself with the contents displayed by third party services or Advertisements. The content of third party services and Advertisement are the sole responsibility of third party services which make them available over the Internet.

2.2. Content information

If you have any question with the presented content or believe that this content infriges, in any way, or that it does not comply with these Terms of Use, you can contact us by following the instructions provided in section 6.


3. Responsability

Geekalicious.pt does not warrant the availability or continuity of the Website neither its reliability, quality, completness, accuracy or whether the contents are appropriate for a specific task or activity.


4. Intellectual property

The content available at Geekalicious.pt apart from third party content, is original and written by its authors, unless we state the source of information. Likewise, all published content is intellectual property of its authors. The design and source code are property of Geekalicious.pt.

The images shown with each article are, exclusively,

  1. Created by its authors and integrated as intellectual property
  2. Published accordingly to free usage licences such as GFDL
  3. Freely used as long as accompanied by some type of attribuition. In these cases, the attribuition is placed directly within the image and / or as a part of the article content

5. End User Licence Agremment

Geekalicious.pt authorizes the use, download, sharing or modification of its contents, keeping its user rights, as long as:

  1. You display the proper attribution to our Website that must be accompanied of a link to the article or to the homepage
  2. The content is not stored in databases or processed in any way that can have a negative impact or limits future visitors


6. Contacts

We are reachable through geeks@geekalicious.pt or through the contact form at the end of each page.