I value your Privacy as much as my own. As you may though I also use AdBlockers and VPN and my current browser is Firefox and not Chrome. My smartphone has the bare minimum Google Apps (yes, custom ROM).

This is to say that this blog doesn’t have:

  • Cookies
  • Facebook pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar e derivados

As open as I can be, this blog uses Google Fonts, Font Awesome for icons and the plugin Prism.js to provide code highlight. Other than this I use Matomo (former Piwik) to provide data analysis, which is installed on my own server and uses Do Not Track and truncates the IP address. This way I can access the analytic statistics that allows me to improve the blog without compromising your Privacy or information - which I really don’t care about!

Regarding a comment system I used to use Disqus but I have removed it after the last update for two reasons: performance and, more importantly because Disqus can track you and create a profile on you and I don’t appreciate that. So, If you want to get in touch just write to luiscruz [ at ] geekalicious [ dot ] pt

However, I must state that we do use two google platforms: Google Search Console to index and keep tracking of crawling and Google Ad Sense. I know I know, I like ads as much as you do but it’s the easiest way to monetize the blog and, after all the hosting and domain cost money and besides, I also like to earn money : )

Google AdSense settings prevent the IP from being sent and the ads are not displayed based on your profile (well, at least that’s what is configured and that’s what Google says ..).

Luís Cruz