About Us

Geekalicious.pt was created because, in Portugal, there are some people who quit their jobs without knowing what to do after that.

Since staying in the couch is always more pleasant at night, I had to arrange something to do during day time. So this blog was born. 

This will be more like a community blog rather than a personal blog. This means that the information that we'll share will be provided by multiple authors and about multiple subjects. 

If you want to share your post, you can send us the info through email so we can take a look. If it's not obscene, too political, too religious (nor other things that we'll remember after a while), we'll post your content and set the proper attribution to you, the author.

You can contact us through geeks@geekalicious.pt


Our staff

Luís Cruz, Software Engineer, Full Stack Web developer

Doesn't believe in "we've always done stuff this way". Worked at a software house for 5 years and decided that it was time to take a leap of faith. Now he dedicates his time to develop Web applications, develops and writes for this blog and takes a few hours a week to give back to the folks at StackOverflow.

Enjoys talking to customers and develop software to meet their needs. Believes that Agile Software Development Methodologies only works on communicative and functional teams. Strongly believes that there's a long way to go about User Interface and User eXperience and has a crush for Design Patterns and Continuous Integration.