This blog was created to share my knowledge and experiences on the most diverse subjects, but obviously focusing especially on everything related to software development.

The blog was created in 2015 and the initial idea would be to have articles regarding several areas and several writers. But because everything is changeable in life, it has taken a slightly different direction, just me as a writer. By the way, I’m Luís Cruz, nice to meet you!

I updated the blog system in 2018 to use the static generator Hugo which allows me to write the articles in Markdown and is much faster. Although this is not a B2B site and is not regulated, I value your Privacy as much as I value mine. So, I’ve stripped to the bare minimum the integrations with the “fluffy” modern stuff. You can know more about this in Our personal data and our Privacy.

If you want you can get in touch with luiscruz [at] geekalicious [dot] pt (you know the drill, Spam.. )